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Remote Support Builder

Remote Support Builder

What is the Digital Dutch Remote Support Builder?

With the Digital Dutch Remote Support Builder you can create your own remote control utility to view and control your mam's or customer's Windows PC in 1 minute without complex configurations. This is what your mam will look at:

Remote support example screenshot

Your mother or customer downloads your support utility and starts it. Or if you often help someone, put it on the desktop so they only have to click 1 icon. When they click the Invite [Your Name] button you will see their desktop and control their mouse and keyboard. No passwords or identification numbers typing required.

What does the Digital Dutch Remote Support Builder look like?

The tool with which you create your own support application looks like this:

Screenshot of Remote Support Builder

Specify the titles you want to show up, add your IP address or domain name and hit the Build button.

What does the support utility look like after a connection has been established?

Remote support example screenshot after connection

After a connection has been established the label on the button changes to End Remote Support. This way the customer can end the connection in the simplest way possible. The idea is to make customers feel less scared and more in control about remote support sessions by providing them with a highly visible option to end remote support at any time.

Why did you create it?

The Remote Support Builder is a wrapper around UltraVNC. The reason I created it is that all other similar applications required geeky complex configurations. The Digital Dutch Remote Support Builder is for people who haven't the faintest idea what zlibhex, hook system dll or poll foreground window means and prefer to keep that way.

How do I start a remote support session?

  • On your own computer, you start UltraVNC Viewer in Listen Mode. You need to have UltraVNC installed.
  • The customer downloads your remote support utility and clicks the Invite [Your Name] button.

Is it that simple?



No. There is one catch: You have to open a port in the firewall on your side. Once.

Huh, configure my firewall?

Your remote support utility connects back to the ip you specified on port 5500. So on your router you have to forward port 5500 to the computer from which you want to control other computers.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It's free.

Can I use it for commercial purposes?


Is the connection encrypted?

No. The connection is not encrypted.

What is my IP address?

The computer you are now browsing from has as IP address.

Does it work on Windows Vista, Window 7 and 8?

Yes. Themes and background images are automatically disabled during remote support to keep the service responsive.

Can you provide me with email support?

No. I am insanely busy, sorry.


- Digital Dutch Remote Support Builder 4.0.0


Version 4.0.0 (April 2014)

  • Based on UltraVNC (December 2013)

Version 3.0.0 (9 December 2012)

  • Improved performance
  • Improved multi monitor support
  • Based on UltraVNC (27 nov 2012)

Version 2.2.0 (12 February 2010)

  • Improved performance.

Version 2.1.0 (12 February 2010)

  • Autoreconnect if the connection is dropped.
  • A confirmation prompt is shown to the viewer when a connection starts.
  • Connection is no longer broken when Windows desktop switches to different user.